How Does a Package Tracking Tool Work?

You might be aware of the usefulness of package tracking platforms when it comes to monitoring your parcels, whether outgoing or inbound. That is for certain a good thing. But it is not enough to understand the necessity for these tools; you must also know how they work so that get the best out of them. The essence of this post revolves around that. We will try to highlight how a package tracking software works so that you can easily use them when you want to track your package. 

For the purpose of this article, the package tracking software that we will use is TekTrack.

Stage 1

The entire process can be divided into three distinct stages that will all be considered. We start from the first one.

Log in the packages

The first step you will have to take when using a package tracking software is to log the parcels into the system. It is a must for you to do this else you cannot proceed to the next step. It cannot be skipped. Now, the question is, how do yo log in the packages?

Log them in through scanning

To successfully log the packages into the platform, scanning is paramount. To do this, you will be making use of a computer scanner and the desktop version of the package tracking tool in question. Alternatively, you can also log the packages in by scanning with a mobile phone or tablet with the mobile application of the package tracking system. Whatever device you use to do the scanning, the results should be the same. After successfully scanning the parcels, the next thing is to send optional text or email notifications to the recipient.

Stage 2: Delivery of packages

Take parcel to recipient

Once you have completed the first stage, the next thing is to deliver the packages to the recipient and that starts with taking the parcel to the recipient or letting them to pick it up (if that is how the arrangement works).

Signing and receiving by reception

Upon the taking of the packages to the recipient, the recipient in question will sign for the packages after which they receive them.

Upload delivery and signature

After the signing by the recipient (and taking the package into custody) the next thing is for you to upload both the signature and the delivery. Immediately this is done, a full history of the package becomes available for you to access anytime it is required or necessary.

Stage 3: Searches and reports

Once you are done with all the above steps, your package history is ready and intact. To look up for any package anytime you need to, you can make use of the powerful search features that come with the parcel tracking software. The search features make it easy for you to locate your packages apart no matter how many they are. In addition, you can start running reports to check metrics for whatever day, week, month or even year.