ASV – Relapse Prevention

What is relapse prevention?
Relapse prevention is a self-control programme often delivered by a drug and alcohol treatment program designed to educate individuals who are trying to change their behaviour how to anticipate and cope with the problem of relapse.
Key concepts:
Lapse = a temporary slip up
Relapse = a return to pre-change levels of drug use
High-risk situation = a situation in which it is difficult to resist temptation
Self-efficacy = the optimistic view that I am capable of changing or maintaining change.
3 most common causes of relapse:
1.     Negative emotional states- situations in which the individual is experiencing a negative emotional state, mood or feeling.
2.     Interpersonal conflict- situations involving an ongoing or relatively recent conflict associated with any interpersonal relationship.
3.     Social pressure- situations in which the individual is responding to the influence of another person or group who exert pressure on the individual.
Relapse clues
Relapse clues, or warning signs, may relate to changes in behaviour, attitudes, feelings, thoughts or a combination of these.
How does a relapse happen?
What are your triggers that may cause you to lapse?
What has triggered you in the past to lapse or use?
What are some things you may be thinking that may cause you to lapse?
What may occur to put you into a negative headspace?
Activities that can achieve a constructive ‘high’ experience:
·       Relaxation inductions
·       Meditation
·       Regular exercise
Do relapses happen to people or do people make relapses happen?