Evil Eye Bracelet Protection and Style

The Evil Eye Bracelet, Protection with Style

Almost everyone has seen evil eyes now. They are everywhere. Some people are not sure what the eye of evil really means. This week we take a look at the evil eye ring. Recently, the evil eyes in jewelry have become very popular. There are many different variations, staring at the eye in a ring or eye shape. For the most part, it is represented as a blue eye on a white background, but now there are countless jewelry options. There are other colors and textures to choose from, which can be worn on rings, necklaces and other jewelry. In this article, we will focus on the evil eye bracelet.

The minimal evil eye bracelet

One popular variation of the evil eye bracelet is an eye attached to a simple cord bracelet. This type of evil eye bracelet comes in various different colors. For example the red cord on an evil eye bracelet is often associated with Kabbalah. The blue cord is said to evoke feeling of tranquility. The overall benefits of the evil eye bracelet is the belief that it protects the person wearing it from evil spirits and bad luck. To some people the colors are just based on what they like, but for others they have meaning.

For example Celebrity stylists love to style the evil eye bracelet with many different outfits and it has been featured in countless photo shoots. Light blue symbolizes truth, red is also the color of love, purple is a symbol for power, and white is associated with light and purity.

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If you are looking for something with more of a statement, you may want to consider an evil eye bracelet in gold or silver and possibly with pave CZ’s. This makes for a dressier option and lets you wear your evil eye bracelet out with evening attire and more formally.

The Origin of the Symbol

The origin of the evil eye bracelet is actually thought to be from several different places. Many cultures believe that there is a curse someone can put upon them with the evil eye that they must protect themselves from. In other cultures it is simply viewed as a very powerful talisman to get rid of evil spirits.

Evil Eye Bracelets on the Celebs

There have been a lot of celebrities spotted wearing the evil eye jewelry because they really want to ward off bad vibes and they love the way it looks. Kim Kardashian has been seen wearing a trio of the bracelets and her sisters have sported a necklace or a ring. Stars like Madonna and Miley Cyrus have also been spotted in the trend recently.

Styling the Bracelet

Evil eye bracelets look good to pile together or themselves. No matter what evil eyes mean to you, bracelets bode well for your collection. It looks good with any dress, and wearing it gives you a sense of peace. If you don’t have an evil eye ring, it’s time to add it to your skills.