Child Sexual Abuse – How it Can Impact Your Life

Sexual abuse is an illegal act of non-consensual sex that the abuser uses against a person they feel to be weaker than them in some way. It doesn’t come from an uncontrollable sexual appetite, but rather is a crime generally committed with the intention of humiliating and controlling the victim. Such crimes are very serious and should not be taken lightly, especially if you know or suspect anyone involved. There are several signs of sexual abuse that you can look for. Even though we do not all realize it when we are abused, sexual abuse is usually a very real thing. If you or someone you know is being abused, there are steps you can take to protect yourself and get help.Image result for sexual abuse

Every year thousands of children are either sexually or physically abused in the United States. Approximately 13% of these victims are male and nearly five percent are female. Of those children who are male, most never tell their stories and many of those who do tell, do so anonymously. Only a small fraction of all reported cases of child sexual abuse ever come to light and the real victims rarely receive help. The real victims of child sexual abuse are children living in the United States.

In recent years, more attention has been drawn to the issue of sexual abuse and the devastating effects it can have on the lives of those who suffer from it. One of the first victims of sexual abuse was an eleven year old named Kevin Garnier. He was molested by his stepfather for six years, and because of the damage he suffered, he has filed suits against his stepfather and the church, claiming monetary and psychological damages. According to the main article referenced below, this particular case is only an example of the problem of developmental disabilities that may affect the lives of other potential victims.

In the main article referenced below, we find the case of another man, identified as Richard H. who was sexually abused by his stepfather for fourteen years. We also discover that he has suffered from severe learning disabilities and high functioning impairments. According to the main article referenced below, Richard’s attorney, contends that the diagnosis of sexual abuse was inaccurate and was based on a false assumption that Richard was not a minor. Richard was one of two boys who were “diagnosed” by the forensic psychiatrist assigned to the case and was later found to have staged the abuse incidents in order to get a settlement from the government. As a result of this false diagnosis and subsequent mistreatment, Richard spiraled into depression and was hospitalized several times.

One of the other cases of sexual abuse attorney nyc that was exposed recently was that of Gabrielle Goldwater. Gabrielle was the living victim of an alleged perpetrated rape and murder committed by her former boyfriend. Although there were no witnesses to the crime, the suspect had eloped with Gabrielle and fled to Canada. Despite numerous calls by the police to the suspect and to the family requesting information about where Gabrielle was, the suspect was free to elope and she was eventually found dead in the back seat of a car parked near a rural farmhouse.

Recent news reports have also exposed the case of Phoebe Prince who was a young female minor who endured the sexual abuse of her own father for several years. She endured the sexual abuse at the hands of her father for approximately five years. The primary reason for her death has been attributed to a combination of stress and complications that resulted from the sexual abuse. Phoebe suffered from severe developmental disabilities as a result of the sexual abuse and sustained injuries as a result of the assault.

While some people have painted the victims of sexual abuse as mentally stable, normal young women, it is important to take into consideration that there are many victims who suffer from severe mental health issues and development disabilities that must be considered when assessing the mental health and development of the person. There have been many recent news articles that have highlighted the issue of sexual abuse and the effects that it has had on the victims and their families. For instance, one of the main articles written recently was written by an abuse survivor who has undergone a devastating experience. The survivor was able to recount her experiences of abuse in detail and provided many documented events. It was obvious from the article how difficult it is to adjust to normal life after being repeatedly sexually abused and the effect that it has had on her life.

Other articles that have been written on the topic of child grooming and sexual abuse have focused on the effects that it has had on a child’s life. The main article mentioned above discussed the effects that sexual abuse can have on a child’s development. Another article focused on how it can cause a person to develop emotionally and sexually abusive relationships as well as developing an addictive personality. As we have seen, there are many complex issues involved in the effects of sexual abuse. Child sexual abuse and its related crimes should not be taken lightly and should be addressed and researched effectively.