CBD Topicals Guide: How To Use Them

How to Use CBD Topicals

When it comes to getting the incredible medical benefits of CBD, users now have more choice than ever in how to use it. Cannabidiol can be infused into all kinds of products, from tasty edibles treats to easily absorbable tincture oils. Another one of the most unique and useful ways to use CBD is via CBD Topicals.https://justcbdstore.b-cdn.net/wp-content/uploads/2019/07/SPF55.jpg

There’s an important distinction between CBD Topicals and most other CBD products. While most CBD products are ingested into the body and delivered through the bloodstream, topicals work differently. For the most part, they only penetrate the skin and bind to cannabinoid receptors there. That means that, while you won’t get mental effects such as reduction of seizures, they’re especially useful for pain relief.

CBD Topicals can also come in all kinds of different forms. From creams to bath bombs, cannabidiol can be infused into practically anything. All of these can give powerful medical benefits- especially when it comes to pain, inflammation, and skin problems. Here’s a CBD Topicals Guide on how to use them, how they work, how to get them, and more.

What Are CBD Protein Bars Topicals?

CBD Topicals are a kind of cannabidiol product which you use by direct application to the skin. CBD or cannabidiol is one of the many components found in marijuana and hemp plants which provides effects to the body. Unlike THC, these effects are purely medical, offering various benefits such as reduced pain and inflammation, relief for stress and anxiety, and the prevention of various health issues.

Most CBD products work by being absorbed into the bloodstream. From there, they’re delivered to cannabinoid receptors in the body and mind to provide a range of benefits. However, CBD Topicals are a little different. They penetrate the skin without reaching the bloodstream. However, by binding to cannabinoid receptors in the skin, they can still offer anti-inflammatory, antibiotic, and antioxidant effects. This is extremely useful for pain relief and clearing up skin conditions.

There are many different kinds of CBD products. For instance, they often come in cream or balm form which you use simply by applying them to the body. There are also skin care products such as moisturizers and face creams. You can even use CBD bath bombs to absorb the effects all over the body. These all provide benefits by absorption into the skin. The one exception is CBD transdermal patches- these are also absorbed into the skin but can also reach the bloodstream.

Using CBD Topicals

CBD Topicals Guide: How To Use Them

Using CBD Topicals is extremely simple and convenient. For the most part, all you’ll need to do is take a small amount of product and rub it into your skin. You can apply CBD topicals directly to the area of your body inflicted by pain or skin problems for fast-acting effects. Usually, they can absorb and take effect in around 20-30 minutes, although it may vary based on the product.

This makes CBD topicals perfect for those who need the effects on CBD for a specific area. For instance, if you’re suffering from back pain, rubbing CBD cream into the back can help. If you have acne, you can apply CBD skin cream to the face to help clear it up.

CBD topicals can vary in their usage. For instance, CBD bath bombs are used by dropping them into the bath so you can soak them up. CBD transdermal patches are applied to the wrist to absorb the effects all over the body. These are all very easy to use and generally mimic regular skin products and other topical medical products.

Effects of CBD Topicals

Cannabidiol provides various beneficial health effects to the brain and body. CBD Topicals generally don’t provide the mental effects of CBD, such as relief for anxiety, depression, and seizures. However, they do provide many of the physical effects, such as relief for pain and inflammation and treatment for skin conditions.

CBD Topicals are often used for pain relief. CBD has analgesic and anti-inflammatory effects. When you apply a CBD cream or balm to an area of the body inflicted by pain, it can numb the pain much like icy hot. It can also help reduce inflammation and speed up the healing process. This can be useful for all kinds of pain, whether it’s chronic pain from an illness or general aches, strains, cuts, and bruises.

They can also be effective in treating skin problems. CBD has antioxidant and antibacterial properties, which make CBD topicals powerful skin products. Research by the American Academy of Dermatology shows that CBD can be useful for various skin problems. It can help treat psoriasis, acne, dermatitis, and other skin conditions. It can also help repair cuts and wounds and give skin a more youthful appearance in general.

While CBD topicals are generally just used for pain, inflammation, and improving skin health, it may help in other ways. For instance, CBD bath bombs provide all-around effects for the body, which may help with relaxation and reducing stress.

Do CBD Topicals Really Work?

Since CBD Topicals don’t reach the bloodstream, many wonder how well they truly work. But while CBD topicals work differently than most other CBD products, they can still be very effective.

Most studies use CBD oils to examine the effects of cannabidiol. However, there are some which show topicals are just as effective. One study used transdermal CBD gel to reduce pain and inflammation in rats. The topical was found to be safe and effective for treating their problems.

Interestingly, a study also found that transdermally applied CBD helped with reducing anxiety, impulsivity, and symptoms of addiction. The AAD also notes that topical CBD can be useful for anti-aging and reducing skin problems.

While they won’t be effective for problems such as seizures, CBD topicals work very well for pain, inflammation, and skin health. You can absorb the effects of cannabidiol directly to the affected area. Many CBD topicals also contain other ingredients such as vitamins, minerals, and other cannabinoids for extra benefits.

Types of CBD Topicals

Cannabidiol can be infused into all kinds of liquids, creams, and balms. As such, there are many different types of CBD topicals available on the market. The type you should use depends on what you’re trying to treat and your personal preference. For instance, face creams are perfect for acne whereas sprays are useful for hitting hard to reach areas such as back pain.

Creams, balms, salves, and lotions are the most common kinds of CBD topical products. These generally work in the same way and only differ in their consistency. Like with regular skin products, you can take a small amount and rub it into the skin to get the benefits of cannabidiol.

You can also get CBD bath products. CBD Bath Bombs are a popular choice which can give you effects all over your body. Simply drop one into a hot bath and you can literally soak up the benefits. CBD can also come in shampoos and shower gels.

CBD transdermal patches are another option which works slightly different from other topicals. Patches are applied to an area of the body with plenty of veins, such as the wrist. These can be absorbed into the body and bloodstream over an extended period of time. This means they can provide the benefits of CBD to the brain as well as the body.

There are also other kinds of products, such as lip balms, body sprays, roll-ons, and more. For the most part, these all work in the same way via direct application to the skin.

Will CBD Topicals Get You High?

Unlike THC products, CBD products will not get you high. Beginner users may associate CBD with THC as they come from the same plant. However, CBD has no psychoactive effects and offers purely medical benefits.

Hemp-based CBD Topicals sometimes come with very low levels of THC, usually 0.3% or less. However, this is nowhere near enough to give you the psychoactive side effects of THC. As such, you won’t get high from using CBD topicals or other hemp-derived CBD products.

Some topicals come with higher levels of THC. However, topicals in general will not make you high as they don’t reach the bloodstream. This means you can enjoy them for purely medical purposes. The only exception is THC topicals, which can provide some euphoric effects.

CBD Topicals High

How To Buy CBD Topicals

CBD topicals can be found along with other CBD products in various dispensaries, health stores, and specialist CBD stores. While cannabis products are still banned in many parts of the states, hemp products are legal nationwide and easy to find. These still offer all of the same powerful medical benefits of CBD but in a safe and legal form.

The best way to get high-quality products is to buy CBD Topicals online. JustCBDStore offers a wide range of fully legal, hemp-based CBD products, including topicals. You can order these for delivery to get your CBD hassle-free. There are a couple of great topical products to choose from.

CBD Pain Cream is perfect for those who want to apply CBD directly to an area inflicted by pain or inflammation. All you need to do is rub it in for your body to absorb and make use of the cannabidiol within. You can get a bottle of 100mg or 250mg, giving you plenty of CBD for effective pain relief.

CBD Bath Bombs are a fun and effective CBD topical product. Just drop one of these into your next bath and you’ll be able to absorb CBD by soaking in the tub. This provides pain relief all over, as well as improving your skin health and offering a relaxing experience. These bath bombs come in various different scents, including Ocean Fields, Floral Scents, and Fruit Explosion.

When to Use CBD Topicals

CBD Topicals are useful for some conditions and not so much for others. As such, it’s best to only use them in certain situations.

They’re especially useful for pain and inflammation relief. They work similar to products such as icy hot, relieving pain in the area they’re applied to. This applies to all kinds of pain, whether it’s chronic pain from a condition like Arthritis, fibromyalgia or cancer or general pain such as strains, aches, and injury.

They can also help with skin problems. You can use CBD Topicals for conditions such as acne eczema, dermatitis, and psoriasis. They can also heal cuts and wounds and improve the health of your skin in general.

Since CBD Topicals don’t reach the brain, you’ll miss out on some of the benefits of other CBD products. If you need CBD for issues such as anxiety, depression, seizures or neurological disorders, it’s best to opt for an alternative.

Alternatives to CBD Topicals

Alternatives to CBD Topicals

The range of CBD products available today is impressive and there are plenty of other options if topicals don’t suit your needs. Here are some of the best alternatives to CBD topicals.

CBD Tinctures or Oils are a convenient way to get both the physical and mental benefits of cannabidiol. You use these by applying the oil under your tongue and holding it there for a short time to absorb it into your body. This can help with all kinds of problems from anxiety to pain relief.

CBD Gummies and other edible products are also very useful. They’re digested into the bloodstream and take a little longer to take effect than products like topicals and tinctures. But they do have powerful effects. These can also help with all kinds of health problems.

CBD Vape Cartridges and Vape Oils can be heated up and inhaled to get the effects of CBD. They provide benefits to both the body and brain, helping with a wide range of conditions. These come in various different flavors, but you’ll need a vape to use them.


CBD Topicals can work fast when it comes to pain relief, reducing inflammation, and helping with skin problems. While they don’t provide the mental benefits of CBD, they’re still extremely useful when you need a product to apply directly to the body. They come in many different forms, all of which are very easy to use and safe for anybody.