Betting Enigma Review – Is This Horse Betting Racing Spreadsheet a Scam?

I am sure that you have heard of the new horse racing spreadsheet called Betting Enigma by now. It is supposedly able to download odds information from Betfair and then tell the user the probabilities of every horse’s chances in races.

This concept of horse betting sounded really great to me, but I still had doubts about whether this spreadsheet would really work to produce profits. Now that I have tested the Betting Enigma spreadsheet system, I will Qué significa you a preview of what you can expect from this package.

1. Why Use Betting Enigma Spreadsheet When You Collect And Process The Necessary Betting Information Yourself?

The main benefit of this system is that it has helped me save a lot of time. Sure, you can find all the data that the system needs and process the raw data into useful information that you need, but I reckon that it will take at least 5X more time when done manually compared to doing it on Betting Enigma. The spreadsheet processes all the statistics within seconds and produces meaningful information immediately.

2. What Can The Betting Enigma Spreadsheet Do For You?

This is generally a statistical formula spreadsheet that assists you in making better betting decisions. It uses a probability formula to give you a more accurate gauge of the horses’ chances of winning races, and has helped me make smarter betting decisions and allowed me to see many things that I would never have noticed in the past.